Malaysian working in Singapore need pay Income Tax?

Filling personal income tax season is coming, a lot of Malaysian who works in Singapore may wondering whether they need to pay personal income tax or not since they already paid in Singapore. The answer here is NO.

For those who owns assets in Malaysia but no declare income tax, you may receive a letter from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN). This letter mainly to inform you that they detected you owns an asset in Malaysia but there is no any of your income information found in the system. Therefore, they have registered an e-filling system account for you. In order to file your income tax, you have to approach LHDN to obtain your No. Pin e-Filling (login password).

In fact, since you have paid Income Tax in Singapore, you no need to declare or pay income tax in Malaysia. If you received the letter, you can either ignore it or get the No. Pin e-Filling and login into the system to declare your income as RM0.



  1. Hi, what if i am a Malaysian who work in Singapore, i declared my income in Singapore under Singapore Taxation. At the same time, i also work for another company at Malaysia which can be classified as part-time. Am I allow to declare this income at Malaysia? Which mean i have two incomes at two countries, and i declare my tax for these two income at both countries at the same time. Are we allow to do so? Thank you.


    • IMPORTANT – YOU CAN’T IGNORE THE LETTER. You must get your e-filing PIN to file everything into zero. Then print them out, and visit LHDN personally along with photocopy of your NOA(s).


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